Tell us about yourself?

I was born in Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico and moved to the states when I was six years old. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire before attending UCLA. I majored in Spanish Community and Culture and Comparative Literature because storytelling and literature have been a fundamental part of my professional and personal development. I am currently completing a certificate in journalism at the UCLA Extension, and a radio broadcasting certificate at Mt. San Antonio College.

How did your undergraduate degree in the Spanish & Portuguese department help you in your career path?

At its core, my degree in Spanish Community and Culture provided me with perspective when it comes to developing stories. I am currently a social media coordinator which requires storytelling and community management skills. When I develop social media campaigns, I develop a deep analysis of the demographics which engage with the content of the brand or company that I may be working with. I also analyze social media metrics, which requires a keen eye when it comes to developing a story. Overall, my major provided me with the skills to think beyond my own lived experiences. 

What career advice would you share with a current undergraduate student in the Spanish & Portuguese department?

Take advantage of the career center! Make several appointments with a career guidance counselor so that you can learn how to write your first resume, prepare for interviews, and explore different career interests. Once you graduate, you have access to an alumni discount at the UCLA Extension center– use it to take a class in a discipline that you may be interested in. You also have access to the UCLA career center 6 months after you graduate. Use your resources! Career center counselors have connections with potential employers and industries that you may want to work in. Update your LinkedIn profile! All of my opportunities have come from LinkedIn. Also, it is fine to not know what you want to pursue as a career. It is a journey. You are going to change, which means that your interests and passions will change too. Be open to those changes because you never know what may lie ahead. Community is a great resource even after you have earned your Bachelor’s degree. You can apply to 30 units worth of financial aid to earn a certification. You can get a certification in real estate, journalism, radio broadcasting – the possibilities are endless!

Share two interesting facts about yourself?

 I was a journalism fellow for the Latino News Network and my favorite summer drink is tejuino.