Spanish and Portuguese

The Spanish and Portuguese Major takes an interdisciplinary approach to the historical parallels, contrasts, connections, and discontinuities that have shaped global Hispanic and Lusophone cultures from the early modern period to the present, in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. This combined major offers unparalleled flexibility and breadth in the study of the languages, literature, and cultures of nearly 700 million Spanish and Portuguese speakers worldwide. 

The comprehensive coursework covers topics across a range of fields, including linguistics, transatlantic history, and creative writing, along with advanced training in both languages. Students pursuing this major engage in collaborative learning and research projects that foster a comparative and socially-nuanced awareness of diverse communities. 

Upon completion of the Spanish and Portuguese BA, students will have gained double-language proficiency and broad cultural literacy, enabling them to communicate with people on every continent and providing them with a distinct advantage in a wide variety of careers.

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Spanish and Portuguese Major