Quechua, or Kichwa, is an indigenous language from the Andes Mountains in South America that dates back to the Incan Empire. It is still spoken by around 10 million people in the Andean Region. Besides Spanish and Shwar, Kichwa is the official language of Ecuador. The Quechua/Kichwa program offers a three-course sequence in Elementary Quechua (ILA 18A, 18B, 18C) in which students learn about the indigenous Quechua/Kichwa culture through language acquisition. In addition, Quechua students learn how to create and share their narratives through creative projects such as translation, writing poetry, analyzing music, film-making, gastronomy, and campus events.



Most students will begin with the first course in the sequence. If you have previous knowledge of Quechua, you should contact the instructor for a recommendation.

Instructor: Luz Maria de la Torre – luzm@humnet.ucla.edu