The Spanish Major and Minor give students the linguistic proficiency and cultural literacy they need to be global citizens in a world with over 400 million Spanish speakers. Covering the languages, literature, communities, and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries around the globe, our courses span centuries (from the Middle Ages to the current moment) and continents (from North and South America to Europe and Africa), in an interdisciplinary approach that sets Latin American and Iberian texts in dialogue with other fields of knowledge, from anthropology, linguistics, and history, to urbanism, gender studies, and visual culture.

In addition to developing their language skills, our students build a strong foundation in reading, writing, researching, and critical thinking while pursuing the Spanish BA or the Spanish Minor, both of which can be completed in combination with other majors.  Our graduates take these skills into further academic endeavors, as well as careers in teaching, nursing, medicine, law, business, journalism, media, diplomacy, the arts, and non-profit organizations.

The Spanish Major is a designated capstone major that gives seniors a unique opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on a focused topic of research related to the histories and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. 

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