Preparing for Diverse Careers

The Department of Spanish & Portuguese believes that humanities PhDs provide training in critical thinking, communication, and other skills essential to modern citizenship and excellence in the professional world. Accordingly, we are committed to supporting our students in a broad array of career pathways.

We have a strong track record of mentoring those pursuing academic careers, with innovative programs and comprehensive resources available at the Department and University level. Graduate students collaborate with faculty and among themselves to conduct research, organize lectures and conferences, edit journals, and advance innovative, inclusive pedagogies

We also promote student development in preparation for careers across diverse fields, in business, media, technology, publishing, non-profits, cultural organizations, and more. Our Professionalization Practicum series and Proseminars introduce students to potential professional possibilities and help them develop materials and skills for the job market

Graduate students are also encouraged to gain practical experience and explore their individual career interests alongside their academic training. Students pursuing opportunities to broaden their skills and make connections in their chosen fields are supported by the Department and University in a variety of ways, from funding to assistance securing positions.

Graduates from the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at UCLA bring their intellectual accomplishments and commitment to excellence with them into the professional world, ensuring success in any field and position they choose.