Tell us about yourself?

I was a transfer student from Mesa College in San Diego to UCLA. I was lucky enough to be able to explore my interests in community college, which led me to choosing Spanish as my major. While studying at UCLA, I volunteered as a tutor for Project Literacy and have worked in the field of education ever since.

How did your undergraduate degree in the Spanish & Portuguese department help you in your career path?

I think having my degree and Spanish major on my resume is a big draw to employers.

What career advice would you share with a current undergraduate student in the Spanish & Portuguese department?

Study abroad! This gives you experience getting outside of your comfort zone and shows employers you are adaptable and open-minded.

Share two interesting facts about yourself?

I met my husband because of my major! In one of my Spanish classes at UCLA, I had to interview two native Spanish speakers and analyze their pronoun usage. I asked my best friend, and she agreed to do the interview. I needed another participant, so my best friend asked her friend if he would be in the interview. He agreed to do the interview with a stranger, and the rest is history!  2. I have lived abroad twice: I studied abroad while at UCLA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I taught English in Busan, South Korea.