Jorge Marturano teaches Latin American and Caribbean literatures and cultural studies in the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese at UCLA. He received his licenciatura en letras from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and earned his Ph.D. in Spanish and Latin American Literature at Duke University (2006). His main research and teaching interests include testimonial writing and prison narratives in Latin America, the role of Cuban cultural institutions and organizations during the Cuban Republic period, culture and politics in Latin America and the Caribbean, Latin American and Caribbean fiction, and race and ethnicity in the Americas. He has published articles on travel narratives, Latin American novel, post-dictatorship fiction, and prose writing in Cuba.

He is presently working at a book-length project that focuses on the relationship between prison narratives, the literary imagination of enclosure, and the cultural field during the Cuban Republic. He has co-organized, principally with Robin Derby (Department of History), several interdisciplinary groups, including UCLA Mellon Faculty Seminar on Caribbean Cultural History (2008-10) and various working groups on Cuba and the Caribbean and on Caribbean Studies at the Latin American Institute, bringing dozens of scholars to speak about racial issues, intellectual and cultural history, cultural studies and literature in the Caribbean.


  •  Ph.D. (2006), Spanish and Latin American Literature, Department of Romance Studies,
    Duke University
  • Graduate Certificate (2003) in Latin American Studies, Duke University
  • Graduate Certificate in Latin American Cultural Studies, Duke University
  • M.A.(2000), Spanish, Duke University
  • (1999) Fellow at the Summer Institute on Migration and Exile, Boston University



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