The Department Coordinator is responsible for managing the front office and providing general administrative support for the department. Duties include the following:

  • Oversight of the front office and department spaces, including communication, mailing, keys, equipment, office assignments, bulletin boards, and department room scheduling.
  • Organize department events and meetings, including outreach, planning, and execution.
  • Process purchases, orders, and reimbursements under the supervision of the Fund Manager.
  • Assist with instruction, including course evaluations, instructor office hours, and textbooks. Provide course scheduling support to the Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer.
  • Manage the department website.
  • Oversee the student workers.
  • Serve as a Building Coordinator, Space Inventory Coordinator, Teaching Evaluation Coordinator, and Commute Coordinator (for transportation and parking).
  • Assistant to the Chair and provide general support to the faculty, staff, and students.